3 Reasons Why Custom USB's are a Great Addition to Photography Packages

3 Reasons Why Custom USB's are a Great Addition to Photography Packages

April 01, 2020

Before the internet, photos were delivered through physical devices like CDs. Today photographers use online galleries to deliver photos because of how simple and efficient they are for both the photographer and the client. While many past deliverables have gone out of style, there is one physical product that still works as a handy photo storage tool - the USB drive.


Though we love using online galleries to deliver photos to our clients, we still offer USB drives to clients who want to use it as a storage method. Adding custom USB's to our photo packages has been something we have enjoyed doing and our clients love. That’s why we want to share three reasons why USB drives are a great product for photographers to add to their packages.


  1. Increased Professionalism


As a client who is paying money for their photographer’s service, you expect to receive your photos in a professional manner. That’s why along with online galleries, USBs are the perfect deliverable for photographers to show their clients that they went the extra mile in presenting their photos to them.


  1. An Excellent Representation of Your Brand


When we first started offering flash drives to our clients, we didn’t realize the impact it would have on our brand. Of course, we could hand out any simple plastic USB from the store to our clients, but a USB that’s customized with your brand name guarantees your clients will remember who took their photos.


Our flash drives are engraved or printed with your logo.  We’ve had many clients tell us that when their family and friends saw these flash drives they asked who “Media Alliance” is, which proves that this is a great marketing tool for our brand.


  1. A Beautiful Keepsake for Your Client


Every client we have given these USB drives to see it as a beautiful keepsake. While printed photos are great to have physically in front of you, digital photos guarantee you can look through all your memories and share them with whomever you like.


When it comes to physical deliverables, photographers have used products like CD's for transferring digital photos in the past, but in reality, CD's aren’t as long-lasting as USB's. Especially since computers like Macs no longer have a disk drive built into them. This would make it impossible for clients that have computers without a disk drive to view photos from a CD. Unlike disk drives, USB ports are commonly found on all computers, which makes flash drives much more relevant than past physical delivery methods.

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