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Multifunctional Face Shields
March 16, 2020

Multifunctional Face Shields

A multifunctional face / neck cover, is indispensable, and you absolutely need one!

Prevention is better than cure!


 “Multifunctional Headwear”—is a tube of elastic fabric that you can wear in lots of different ways. They come in a variety of fabrics, thicknesses, and sizes. Most people will get by just fine with a lightweight polyester one, but you can also get high-end Merino wool options, and even thick weatherproof buffs.

As the name neck gaiter suggests, they’re most commonly used to cover the gap around your neck from the cold and wind, but they can do a lot more than that. Here’s why I always keep a buff in my travel bag—and you should too.

It’ll protect you from the cold and the sun

Nobody likes a sunburned scalp.

The main purpose of a buff is to keep you wrapped up—and there are lots of ways you can do that. When it’s cold, you can use it to cover any exposed skin in your neck area. Or, if it’s really cold, you can go all-in and wear it as a balaclava. The buff’s flexibility is really great here: depending on what you need, it can be everything from a commuter’s light scarf to part of a polar explorer’s wardrobe.

But, it’s not just useful in the cold. A buff also keeps the sun off you when it’s warm. There are lots of buffs out there that have SPF protection, sometimes even equivalent to 50—and it won’t rub off like sunscreen. In Indonesia, most of the motorbike taxi drivers wear one pulled up over the back of their neck to keep the sun away.

Create a breathing mask

Instead of wearing your buff over the top of your head, wear it over your face. The light fabric is easy to breathe through but will stop any dirt or dust from getting into your mouth and lungs. 

It’s a great sleep mask

Falling asleep when you’re traveling can be a challenge, but a good sleeping mask can make it easier—and I’ve found my buff to be one of my favorites. It’s soft and wraps totally over my head, so it doesn’t come free even if I move around. Plus, it keeps my earbuds in place so I can listen to music or just tune out the noise of other people.

The only potential downside is that buffs made from lighter material won’t block out 100 percent of the light. If you need it to be pitch-black for you to sleep, either roll or fold your buff—so your eyes are actually covered by a couple of layers of fabric—or just go with a heavier one.


It keeps your hair out of your face

If you have ever grown out your bangs, you'll know that no matter how short your hair, there's always the possibility of getting it in your eyes.

Hair can be a real pain when it starts getting in your face. A buff can double as a scrunchie, headband, or headscarf as you need. When my fringe starts to get a bit long, I often use mine as a headband when I’m hiking.

It’s a washable rag

Sometimes you just need something to clean yourself up—a tissue, a towel, anything, really— and there is nothing. I don’t want to admit the number of times I’ve blown my nose in my buff when there’s been nothing else to use, but when it comes down to it, a buff is a washable rag. It’ll make for a great emergency handkerchief so you don’t have to launch a snot-rocket or blow your nose on the hem of your t-shirt.

And a buff is not just a tissue. In a pinch, you can use it as a towel, a sweatband, or even to stop a wound from bleeding if you’re in an accident.

It’s tiny

Best of all, there’s no penalty to carrying a buff. They’re lightweight and pack down small. You can stash one in your everyday or travel bag and just forget about it. You won’t even notice it’s there—until you need it, and it saves the day.

It works as an emergency… almost everything

Buffs are handily elastic, which makes them extremely versatile. Some of the out-of-the-box things you can do with buffs are:

Make an arm sling

Depending on how many buffs you have on hand, you can make a sling for children or adults. Only one will do for kids (place it around the head and injured arm and open the buff around the elbow for better support), but you’ll need two for adults. Knot two buffs together and put one around the person’s neck. Use the other one to hold the injured arm and open the buff around the elbow to provide support.

Stop the bleeding

Support sprained wrists, knees, and ankles

A no-brainer really—tie the buff around the injured joint two to three times to keep it in place and limit mobility.

Craft an emergency bag strap

If a handle falls off your carry-on bag or backpack, tie your buff onto whatever bits of fabric remain and use it as a strap until you can find a permanent replacement.

Tie a loop for attaching things to the outside of your bag

If you forget the outside carry straps for your bag (or one breaks), a buff works great. Loop it through your bag and use it to tie your tripod, sleeping bag, tent, or anything else down.

Jury-rig an iPhone armband for exercising

If no one got you an exercise armband for Christmas, use your buff instead. Wrap your smartphone in it and wear it over your upper arm while you go for a run or lift some weights at the gym.

Organize your cables

Chances are you’re carrying your fair share of cables in your bag, and it’s likely they’re all tangled up as you read this. Solve this by tying them together with your buff.

An emergency tent guy line

If a guy-line breaks, put your buff through the loop and pull it taut. You can then peg it down and keep your tent fully erect.



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Shopper / Tote bags - the PERFECT Marketing tools!
February 25, 2020

Shopper / Tote bags - the PERFECT Marketing tools!

Bans on single-use plastic bags are a factor driving brands’ interest in reusable bags.


Demand for branded totes is forecast to rise among retailers, according to a just-released report from Adweek. Though the increase in single-use plastic bag bans has often been the impetus for the growth, certain high-profile brands are also making the most of what they see as an excellent marketing opportunity, Adweek reports.

Smart retailers have turned plastic bag bans from potential pain point to branded billboards that travel into every shopper’s home and stay out of the trash,” Bob Phibbs, CEO of consultancy The Retail Doctor, told Adweek Senior Editor Robert Klara. “It’s a great way to remind the consumer of that store before they leave the house again, and it’s so much better than generic, flimsy and polluting plastic bags.”

As Phibbs’ analysis suggests, prohibitions on single-use plastic bags helps drive demanded for branded alternatives, like logoed tote bags. That could be good for the promotional products industry, with savvy promo distributors capitalizing and increasing sales of branded reusable bags.

Calling grocery totes “movable marketing tools,”

A growing number of municipalities, cities and states, as well as countries, are considering or actively trying to ban single-use plastic bags. The motivation is environmental. Ban proponents say the bags present a threat to wildlife and natural habitat, while also generating litter and pollution.

The world produces more than 300 million tons of plastic each year, according to Statista, and scientists estimate that up to 91% of plastic is never recycled. An average family reportedly uses 1,500 plastic bags annually.

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The Benefits of Having Branded Christmas Gifts to Give to Customers
February 25, 2020

The Benefits of Having Branded Christmas Gifts to Give to Customers

Did you know that recent reports found 92% of consumers to believe suggestions from friends and family more than other advertising? Or that 74% of consumers say word of mouth is a key influencer in their purchase decisions?

 We talked in our previous blog about the powerful benefits of branded merchandise in general. With Christmas now fast approaching, we wanted to take a moment of your time to describe just how effective branded Christmas merchandise can be. Let’s get to it!

 Brand building effects are enhanced

 Promotional and branded merchandise is all about building the brand, and this is largely accomplished through a natural ‘word of mouth’ effect. Average statistics state that branded gifts are kept for around a year, throughout which time the item will be seen by peers many times.

 You can see why Christmas works so well. We gather as families and friends at this time, and that means more opportunity for your brand to be improved. Branded goods are effective all year round, but if twice as many people see it at Christmas, it’s done twice as much work for your company.

 Simple math’s, but with powerful results.

Positive association

 Promotional merchandise always has value, but it’s even better when you know it is received at a positive time for the customer or client. We’re emotional creatures, and our memory works in such a way that memories of happy times stay with us longer than others.

 This means that if your branded merchandise is received around Christmas, it will be both better received and more likely to have a positive mental association in the mind of the recipient. Simply put, this amplifies the already significant effect of branded merchandise on your company.


Here to help

 Another day, another helpful blog from the team. There’s real value in branded merchandise, and seasonal events like Christmas are simply ideal times to invest.  For pricing & enquiries, please contact:

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