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3 Reasons Why Custom USB's are a Great Addition to Photography Packages
April 01, 2020

3 Reasons Why Custom USB's are a Great Addition to Photography Packages

Before the internet, photos were delivered through physical devices like CDs. Today photographers use online galleries to deliver photos because of how simple and efficient they are for both the photographer and the client. While many past deliverables have gone out of style, there is one physical product that still works as a handy photo storage tool - the USB drive.


Though we love using online galleries to deliver photos to our clients, we still offer USB drives to clients who want to use it as a storage method. Adding custom USB's to our photo packages has been something we have enjoyed doing and our clients love. That’s why we want to share three reasons why USB drives are a great product for photographers to add to their packages.


  1. Increased Professionalism


As a client who is paying money for their photographer’s service, you expect to receive your photos in a professional manner. That’s why along with online galleries, USBs are the perfect deliverable for photographers to show their clients that they went the extra mile in presenting their photos to them.


  1. An Excellent Representation of Your Brand


When we first started offering flash drives to our clients, we didn’t realize the impact it would have on our brand. Of course, we could hand out any simple plastic USB from the store to our clients, but a USB that’s customized with your brand name guarantees your clients will remember who took their photos.


Our flash drives are engraved or printed with your logo.  We’ve had many clients tell us that when their family and friends saw these flash drives they asked who “Media Alliance” is, which proves that this is a great marketing tool for our brand.


  1. A Beautiful Keepsake for Your Client


Every client we have given these USB drives to see it as a beautiful keepsake. While printed photos are great to have physically in front of you, digital photos guarantee you can look through all your memories and share them with whomever you like.


When it comes to physical deliverables, photographers have used products like CD's for transferring digital photos in the past, but in reality, CD's aren’t as long-lasting as USB's. Especially since computers like Macs no longer have a disk drive built into them. This would make it impossible for clients that have computers without a disk drive to view photos from a CD. Unlike disk drives, USB ports are commonly found on all computers, which makes flash drives much more relevant than past physical delivery methods.

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The Power of Effective Promotional Workwear - Creating an Iconic Uniform for your staff and clients
March 31, 2020

The Power of Effective Promotional Workwear - Creating an Iconic Uniform for your staff and clients

At Media Alliance, we generally discuss uniform style, the uniform industry, and like to give general corporate fashion advice.

While the simplicity of pens, water bottles and magnets are still rather genius in that they are practical products we all tend to need. The chance of the end-user eventually contacting the company who gave it to them with their logo ad web address splashed all over it is still slim. Especially since there are many more of these water bottles and magnets stashed away at their place. Promotional merchandise has certainly come a long way, with some companies sending matching note pads and pens to their prospects personalized with their name on it. This, however, comes at a cost. But to the consumer, the value of that promotional product is much higher, so they will most likely hold on to it and make more use of it, leading to a greater chance in them investing in that brand down the track.  

Value is key! So how can we use promotional swag in the most successful way? When the value of that product is thought of so highly, they just WANT IT. And then that promotional product creates demand for both the free product and your brand. So how do we do it? 

Clothing of course. Everybody loves free clothes! But if you’re going to give out free promotional clothing in Australia, they must have a universally appealing design. A great T-shirt, nice design cap, zip–up jumper or even scarf is probably your best bet; since they look good on anyone. But the design must be kept simple. Also, a cheaply made product won’t work. It must be quality. Stand out from the promotional clutter with some class, and unless you are already a big brand name, for people to want to wear it, don’t put your logo on it. Instead give it something special – an edgy cut, or standout colour, or something to make it unique. Unique to your brand in a meaningful way that represents what your company stands for.  

By offering something they actually want to wear for free – something basic, essential, and trendy, then customers can link your brand to being cool and kind. Once they see others receiving such fashionable swag, the trickle–on effect can slowly work its magic on your brand.  Everybody will be wearing it, talking about it, and giving them a sense of being a part of something big. That sense of belonging is what drives loyalty and word of mouth. Apple are the masters of this! Let’s also not forget these quality shirts, hoodies or caps will also be worn down the track for many months or even years, each time reminding them of your company, and spreading the word further when someone asks where they got it from. 

So, as you can see the investment in such a move is a great way to differentiate and build your name. While one event may not make a huge impact – never say never. It is more ideal to do it at every event you’re making an appearance at, creating a demand for your cool swag and want to be a part of your crew. Having your fans in these well-recognised garments is like having a small population of eager brand ambassadors, which pretty much has a similar impact to a company uniform.  

At Media Alliance, we have a massive selection of products suitable for this kind of marketing strategy. Our promotional workwear including t-shirts and hoodies are made from a quality fabric’s. Our colour combinations are almost endless.


If you would like to find out more information on our products please contact us on 021 555 4715 or  

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Multifunctional Face Shields
March 16, 2020

Multifunctional Face Shields

A multifunctional face / neck cover, is indispensable, and you absolutely need one!

Prevention is better than cure!


 “Multifunctional Headwear”—is a tube of elastic fabric that you can wear in lots of different ways. They come in a variety of fabrics, thicknesses, and sizes. Most people will get by just fine with a lightweight polyester one, but you can also get high-end Merino wool options, and even thick weatherproof buffs.

As the name neck gaiter suggests, they’re most commonly used to cover the gap around your neck from the cold and wind, but they can do a lot more than that. Here’s why I always keep a buff in my travel bag—and you should too.

It’ll protect you from the cold and the sun

Nobody likes a sunburned scalp.

The main purpose of a buff is to keep you wrapped up—and there are lots of ways you can do that. When it’s cold, you can use it to cover any exposed skin in your neck area. Or, if it’s really cold, you can go all-in and wear it as a balaclava. The buff’s flexibility is really great here: depending on what you need, it can be everything from a commuter’s light scarf to part of a polar explorer’s wardrobe.

But, it’s not just useful in the cold. A buff also keeps the sun off you when it’s warm. There are lots of buffs out there that have SPF protection, sometimes even equivalent to 50—and it won’t rub off like sunscreen. In Indonesia, most of the motorbike taxi drivers wear one pulled up over the back of their neck to keep the sun away.

Create a breathing mask

Instead of wearing your buff over the top of your head, wear it over your face. The light fabric is easy to breathe through but will stop any dirt or dust from getting into your mouth and lungs. 

It’s a great sleep mask

Falling asleep when you’re traveling can be a challenge, but a good sleeping mask can make it easier—and I’ve found my buff to be one of my favorites. It’s soft and wraps totally over my head, so it doesn’t come free even if I move around. Plus, it keeps my earbuds in place so I can listen to music or just tune out the noise of other people.

The only potential downside is that buffs made from lighter material won’t block out 100 percent of the light. If you need it to be pitch-black for you to sleep, either roll or fold your buff—so your eyes are actually covered by a couple of layers of fabric—or just go with a heavier one.


It keeps your hair out of your face

If you have ever grown out your bangs, you'll know that no matter how short your hair, there's always the possibility of getting it in your eyes.

Hair can be a real pain when it starts getting in your face. A buff can double as a scrunchie, headband, or headscarf as you need. When my fringe starts to get a bit long, I often use mine as a headband when I’m hiking.

It’s a washable rag

Sometimes you just need something to clean yourself up—a tissue, a towel, anything, really— and there is nothing. I don’t want to admit the number of times I’ve blown my nose in my buff when there’s been nothing else to use, but when it comes down to it, a buff is a washable rag. It’ll make for a great emergency handkerchief so you don’t have to launch a snot-rocket or blow your nose on the hem of your t-shirt.

And a buff is not just a tissue. In a pinch, you can use it as a towel, a sweatband, or even to stop a wound from bleeding if you’re in an accident.

It’s tiny

Best of all, there’s no penalty to carrying a buff. They’re lightweight and pack down small. You can stash one in your everyday or travel bag and just forget about it. You won’t even notice it’s there—until you need it, and it saves the day.

It works as an emergency… almost everything

Buffs are handily elastic, which makes them extremely versatile. Some of the out-of-the-box things you can do with buffs are:

Make an arm sling

Depending on how many buffs you have on hand, you can make a sling for children or adults. Only one will do for kids (place it around the head and injured arm and open the buff around the elbow for better support), but you’ll need two for adults. Knot two buffs together and put one around the person’s neck. Use the other one to hold the injured arm and open the buff around the elbow to provide support.

Stop the bleeding

Support sprained wrists, knees, and ankles

A no-brainer really—tie the buff around the injured joint two to three times to keep it in place and limit mobility.

Craft an emergency bag strap

If a handle falls off your carry-on bag or backpack, tie your buff onto whatever bits of fabric remain and use it as a strap until you can find a permanent replacement.

Tie a loop for attaching things to the outside of your bag

If you forget the outside carry straps for your bag (or one breaks), a buff works great. Loop it through your bag and use it to tie your tripod, sleeping bag, tent, or anything else down.

Jury-rig an iPhone armband for exercising

If no one got you an exercise armband for Christmas, use your buff instead. Wrap your smartphone in it and wear it over your upper arm while you go for a run or lift some weights at the gym.

Organize your cables

Chances are you’re carrying your fair share of cables in your bag, and it’s likely they’re all tangled up as you read this. Solve this by tying them together with your buff.

An emergency tent guy line

If a guy-line breaks, put your buff through the loop and pull it taut. You can then peg it down and keep your tent fully erect.



Branded & unbranded available.

Minimum order qty x 100

Bulk / wholesale supplier.

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