Spencer Kraft Gift Set

R 194.91

An aluminium bottle with a grey rubberised finish, and a notebook and ball pen which match each other, are neatly presented together in a gift box. The trims of the pen match the grey bottle nicely. The pen has a matte finish and reveals a matte white finish when lasered. This set is suitable as a client gift, or for staff and onboarding of new members to the team. A pre-packaged gift set not only looks impressive, but can also be a convenient and practical option when it comes to transport and delivery.

The box is 27 ( l ) x 23 ( w ) x 7.5 ( h ) cm, and is made from natural kraft board.

This gift set includes:

Omega Lite Aluminium Water Bottle – 700ml

  • 24.7 ( h ) cm

  • aluminium, stainless steel

  • 700ml

  • rubberised finish

  • stainless steel lid

  • single wall

Omega A5 Notebook

  • 21 ( l ) x 14.3 ( w ) x 1.3 ( h ) cm

  • paper and pu

  • 128 lined pages (64 sheets)

Omega Ball Pen

  • aluminium

  • black German ink

  • minimum 1,500 metres writing distance

  • rubberized barrel