Omaha Ball Pen & Pencil Set

R 43.17

A grey metal pencil and a metal pen in a choice of colours are paired together in a grey pouch made from RPET felt. Laser engraving on the rubberised finish barrel of the pen and the pencil provides a clean precise effect which is both subtle and visible. The ball pen refill contains good quality, black German ink and will provide smooth, uninterrupted writing for a minimum of 1,500 metres. The pencil is fitted with break-resistant 0.5mm lead. A set with a different colour pen and pencil makes it easier to instantly identify which is the pen and which is the pencil. 

Ball Pen:

  • steel & aluminium with a rubberised coating

  • black German ink refill with minimum 1,500 metres writing distance

  • Pencil:

  • steel & aluminium with a rubberised coating

  • break-resistant 0.5mm HB lead


  • 16 ( l ) x 4 ( w ) x 0.4 ( h ) cm

  • RPET felt

  • RPET print on the back of the pouch