Fade Resistant A-Frame Fabric Skin 2m x 1m

R 725.49

Refresh your banner for multiple campaigns by buying a new skin.

  • printguard polyester 205g/m2 • visual size: 1.95 x 0.95m

  • skins can be fitted by the client or by us. we will only fit skins to hardware that has been purchased from us

  • in order for skins to be fitted by us the client must return the existing hardware to us at their own cost

  • we cannot be held liable for skins purchased that cannot be fitted properly due to faulty or damaged hardware or skins purchased to fit third party hardware. 

  • Excludes Hardware

2 year print warranty 

Our 2 year limited print warranty covers the quality of the print once subjected to long term outdoor sun exposure, however, it's essential to be mindful of the display's intended use when considering its lifecycle. If frequent assembly and transportation will be required, it is important to note that the surface-based prints on our fade-resistant displays are more susceptible to friction and scratches during regular handling. The 2 year print warranty does not extend to damages resulting from friction, scratches or other issues arising from frequent handling and transportation.