Webkey URL Launcher

Webkey URL Launcher

November 12, 2019

A Webkey is a pretty cool use of technology. One Webkey merchant claims “well constructed and highly targeted” Webkey campaigns have achieved 85 percent ROI, and that the average response rate for a Webkey mailing averages from 10 to 30 percent.

 What is a Webkey? It looks like a USB drive. They used the USB-A type port style and can be inserted into any other USB-A port connected to the internet. Once inserted into a web-ready computer, the Webkey takes take the user directly to the sender’s web address of choice – a new website, a YouTube video, social media link or even to a Google Doc or Dropbox link.

 The stick has no memory or storage. It is designed for one task – taking a customer to a web address.

 Examples include a Webkey that takes the client directly to a pizza chain online ordering page, and a campaign where the Webkey takes prospective students to a college’s online admissions community.

 So yes, the possibilities are endless.

If there is no memory on the USB stick, you may wonder what the point is of giving a Webkey to your customer? Isn’t the point getting your information into customer hands?


First, as there is virtually NO memory involved, our Webkey’s are inexpensive. They can be made out of paper, plastic, PVC or metal and branded with your logo, contact information and photos. They can be inserted into a printed mailer your customers will recognize.


They are also popular to get your customers interacting with your website. They take customers directly to the page you want them on – your sales, your product listings, your contact page. It can be the same information you’d have on a preload – like your catalog – but which may be updated often. As long as the URL doesn’t change, the Webkey will take customers there. We put a five-year-old Webkey into a computer, and it still loaded directly to the Logotech.com site.


Ready to learn about how you can use a Webkey to attract new clients? Fill out a quick quote at the top of this page and your personal account manager can help you launch your new promotion campaign.



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