3D Puff Embroidery Branding

3D Puff Embroidery Branding

December 18, 2019


3D puff embroidery is a surefire way to take a custom hat or sweatshirt to another level. The 3D nature of this design method makes your logo pop from the surface of the garment and elevates the overall quality of decoration. At Media Alliance we can apply your logo to a variety of custom apparel and headwear.


Custom 3D Puff Embroidery Options Include…

Custom Hats




Applications for 3D Puff Embroidery…

Promotional Products

Custom Hats

Custom Golf Apparel & Accessories

Custom Logo Corporate Apparel & Uniforms

Trade Shows

Recruiting Events

New Employee Gifts

Industrial Custom Workwear

When to use 3D Puff Embroidery as a Decoration Method

3D puff embroidery is not the easiest customization method. It has added steps in the process that make it more time consuming and expensive. However, those steps are taken for a reason. 3D puff embroidery is probably the right decoration method for you if…


You want your logo to pop – custom 3D embroidered logos have a dimensional depth to them. Being raised from the surface give makes your company logo stand out.

You want a design that lasts – 3D puff embroidery is extremely durable, even more so than regular embroidery. There’s no reason that a 3D embroidered logo or design shouldn’t last just as long as the hat or garment it’s embroidered on.

You want a higher quality look – hats and apparel decorated through 3D puff embroidery have a more stylish and sophisticated look to them. You can tell that the design was not made the cheapest way possible and no shortcuts were taken.


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