Kooshty Deluxe Koffee Set With Plunger

R 448.97

two kooshty Kups: borosilicate glass with silicone grip band and lid 340ml plunger: borosilicate glass850ml presentation box: 30 ( l ) x 24.5 ( w ) x 10 ( h ) 250g bag of ground Kooshty Koffee Introducing Kooshty Koffee: an aromatic locally roasted Medium Roast coffee. The coffee included in this set is ground from 100% Arabica beans. Save money and save the planet by making yourself and a friend a cup of Kooshty Koffee with your Kooshty plunger. Use 1 tablespoon of the ground coffee per Kooshty Kup. Pour in almost boiling water and brew for 4 minutes. Slowly push the plunger down, and there you go: you’re ready to enjoy delicious coffee in your reusable Kooshty Kups. The Kooshty Kup Original, with its colourful silicone lid and grip band, is a fun and practical glass cup for the home or the office, and is ideal for coffee on the go, fitting comfortably inside your vehicle’s cup holder. The ergonomically designed, splash-safe silicone lid provides for a pleasant sipping experience. The funky silicone band keeps your drink warmer and protects your hands from the heat of the liquid inside the cup. Made from strong borosilicate glass, the Kooshty Kup is an eco-friendly alternative to the plastic-lined single use cups used by most coffee shops for takeaways. The Kooshty Kup cup is dishwasher and microwave friendly. This set contains an 850ml borosilicate glass coffee plunger, 2 x 340ml Kooshty Kups and a 250g bag of Kooshty Koffee, packaged in a refreshingly bright and cheerful gift box. Wash care Wash before first use Dishwasher safe, top shelf only Microwave safe Caution Use with care when consuming hot beverages Do not overfill Ensure lid is secure before drinking Do not hold glass filled with hot liquid without the silicone sleeve Do not use glassware that is chipped or cracked