CD DVD & Custom Branded USB Flash Drive Supplier

WE SPECIALIZE in the supply and manufacturing of all digital Media, namely CD DVD and Custom Branded USB Flash Drive. We offer in-house printing directly onto disc/ USB, printed labels, replication or duplication of content onto disc/ USB, including all your standard or custom made packaging.

Media Alliance was founded in 2002 to address the growing demand amongst local music artists who wished to record, produce and manufacture their own CDs and DVDs. The mainstream idea behind Media Alliance was to bring together 4 areas of expertise, being sound origination, video origination, graphic design and the manufacturing / packaging capabilities to make up the CD / DVD production. The alliance between RMS Studios, Idea Studio and Media Alliance has allowed us to grow tremendously; thus we are now manufacturing for the demanding Corporate, Advertising Agencies, Multimedia Design and Film agencies through out the Western Cape and other provinces.


The digital world is changing. Things go from big to small, to smart before we’ve had a chance to rub the sleep out of our eyes! And within the chaos, adding sanity and peace of mind is MEDIA ALLIANCE. With over 13 years in the industry, we offer premium digital media products, sound advice and excellent service to ad agencies, brand marketing companies, promotions and gifting suppliers and corporate end-users.