Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners – Print Your Logo For FREE

Fidget Spinners – The fidget toy that has taken over the world. The Fidget Spinner is the hottest promotional product on the planet. Take this incredible opportunity to put your logo in the hands of your target audience. Various colours available to choose from. Media Alliance will brand your logo onto these Fidget Spinners. Therefore…

Wooden Credit Card USB

Our newest USB model to arrive soon. Great eco friendly, natural product to promote your business. Looks amazing with logo laser engraved onto the wooden surface. 100% natural wooden casing. 8GB stock to arrive soon – stay posted


3D Crystal USB

Also arriving soon !! The stunning 3D crystal USB flash drive. Available in both 8GB and 16GB. Rose gold or silver metal. You can choose to either have your logo laser engraved 3D into the centre of the crystal, or engrave your logo onto the surface of the crystal.


Arriving soon, the funky awesome 16gb LEGO USB. We can brand your logo onto the side of the Lego block. Available in black and white.